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GST Implementation

  • GST Implementation is the process of classification of the transactions into specified with respect to Goods & Services and Place of provisions.
  • Understanding of sales policy including schemes, discounts, return of goods for GST impact and restructuring thereof as well as understanding of procurement policy, type of vendors, job working, return of goods for GST impact and restructuring thereof.
  • Crafting Business Strategies
  • Transaction restructuring & documentations for GST compliances.
  • Advising revised terms & conditions in GST regime.
  • Advising amendment to the present POs during transition period.
  • Probable reduction in purchase price from various vendors.
  • Assisting in developing SOPs in each function of the Department including GST compliance.
  • Advise on Accounting Control for Tax Compliance and Tax Management.
  • Advise for mapping transactions to ERP System.
  • Mapping of Business Transactions and GL Mapping with GST Returns.
  • Guidance for Transitional Period.
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